sun detail
moon detail
with a flash
angel detail

Look both ways

Spraypaint on aluminum, with a roadsign and aluminum cut-outs. Functional clockwork.
the star
lit up in the dark
the top in the dark
interior detail
the working train in the middle

A railroad Christmas tree

A roadsign cut-out Christmas tree, complete with funtional lamp, christmas lights, and train set.
Robot dog - front
Robot dog - 3/4 side
Robot dog - above
Robot dog - head
Robot dog - side
Robot dog - front below

Robot Dog

Mixed media (a lot of old computer parts) on a custom acetylene welded steel frame. With funcational barking action.
stop sign
stop sign with camera flash
stop sign top
stop sign bottom
stop sign detail

The really big Stop Sign

Mixed media collage and spray paint on road-sign.
throw me something mister
lady and cat
say anything

Random bits

Various pieces. Some watercolors, several cardboard cut-outs, and some more roadsigns.