Teleradiology platform

Helped architect and pursue a strategy to break apart a tele-radiology monolith into microservices. Microservice architecture training and domain mapping was provided by Pivotal labs; I flew out to Denver and trained onsite at their office in the principles of twelve-factor apps and microservice architecture over the course of several months. I helped determine service domains via event-storming exercises conducted at Pivotal; I also coded with their developers onsite and leveraged various XP (Extreme programming) methodologies including continuous integration and pair-based-development.

Architected and implemented contract driven message-queues via RabbitMQ and Json Schemas. Leveraged Amazon’s API Gateway and Angular to develop a distributed front-end tele-radiology application on top of the newly created microservices and various legacy API’s.

  • started:  August 2018
  • finished:  April 2020
  • url:
  • position:  senior software engineer
  • location:  Remote
  1. skills involved: