Teleradiology platform

Helped architect and pursue a strategy to break apart a tele-radiology monolith into microservices. Microservice architecture training and domain mapping was provided by Pivotal labs; I flew out to Denver and trained onsite at their of...
  1. skills involved:

Course scheduling platform

Developed a platform to showcase and book various driving courses for a luxury automobile manufacturer. Utilized responsive design to optimize the site for mobile and non-mobile clients. Utilized React.js, Feather.js, Node, and CDNs ...
  1. skills involved:

Ad tracking and management platform

Improved reliability and performance of an ad tracking and management platform that tracked millions of impressions a day and managed ads based on their performance. Used Redis, RabbitMQ, and PHPUnit to improve the testability and perfo...
  1. skills involved:

Hacking Competition publishing system

I helped develop a platform to host and judge online Hacking competitions and evaluate the skillsets of competitors. Users compete in a series of challenges organized into competitions, and receive customized report cards at the end of ...
  1. skills involved:

Crop Management System

This project involved developing a crop management system. It included but was not limited to: Normalizing the database of an existing web application, and hardening the site against SQL injection and other security concern...
  1. skills involved:

Product demo app - iOS Application API

I helped develop a Single sign-on service and API to be be consumed by an iPad application to showcase products and product demos. I got to use ColdFusion and the ColdBox framework, which was a lot of fun...
  1. skills involved:

Career to College platform

I helped develop a platform to host and deploy WordPress sites using a common infrastructure, and developed a plugin that collected user interest and contact information and used that information to help the users discover schools that t...
  1. skills involved:
the search and filtering is handled client side, and is very fast
users can favorite events


Some friends and I built this mobile optimized music listing website over the course of a sleepless weekend in January for the CodeMkrs Hackathon. Hackathon's always struck me as being a bit strange.You don't see plumbers volunteering to...
  1. skills involved:
TurboSquid home page
TurboSquid product detail
123D home page
123D splash screen
123D gallery
123D shopping cart
123D blog


Developed a propriety MVC framework utilizing ColdFusion and Mustache templates. Expanded REST API. Provisioned site to tie into various 3rd party web-services. Engineered a multi-server synchronized WordPress backend as a consumer fri...
  1. skills involved:
home page
news page

Mike Dillon's Vibes

A made this WordPress website (with a lot of help from my wonderful sister Alex) for local musical luminary Mike Dillon.
  1. skills involved:
Thlinx home page
Thlinx thought view
Thlinx thought battle
Thlinx ThoughtPong
Thlinx user profile
Thlinx thought stream


Thlinx is a word association website I work on in my spare time. Built on CakePHP, it features Facebook integration, ajax-based HTML 5 games, and tight integration with a variety of web services including Wikipedia and Amazon.
  1. skills involved:
home page
stories page
tips page

Beware of Douchebag

Beware of Douchebag is a website built in conjunction with an experimental theatre project I developed with some of my friends.
  1. skills involved:
Creative Virtual - British Gas
Creative Virtual - Computer Associates feedback
Creative Virtual - Computer Associates
Creative Virtual - Intuit Lacerte transcript
Creative Virtual - Intuit Lacerte
Creative Virtual - Intuit TurboTax
Creative Virtual - Intuit TurboTax FAQ
Creative Virtual - Intuit TurboTax transcript
Creative Virtual - Sainsbury
Creative Virtual - Tesco

Creative Virtual

Designed, configured, and installed the AJAX based html/javascript front-end for Creative Virtual's Virtual Agent knowledge engine for a variety of high profile clients including Tesco, Intuit, Verizon, Virgin Media, and British Gas amon...
  1. skills involved:
home page
account management

WildBlue Communications

Developed, expanded, and maintained the corporate knowledgebase. Created a custom knowledgebase application based on a pre-existing framework provided by Talisma, using ASP and MS SQL. Supervised and coordinated the transition of this ...
  1. skills involved:

Precision Camera & Video

Maintained, updated, and expanded company website using PHP and MySQL. Developed e-mail marketing campaign and monthly newsletter. Increased revenue by 34% and site traffic by 18% within a year. Developed an interactive cross-platform p...
  1. skills involved:
product detail


Developed and maintained Miva-Merchant based company ecommerce site with PHP and MySQL. Developed e-mail marketing campaign and promotional materials for print (with Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Quark).
  1. skills involved:

Surge Forward

Worked as a consulting software engineer on a variety of high profile projects. Utilized test-driven-development within an AGILE workflow; worked with and led teams both large and small. Developed for both LAMP and MEAN stacks.
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